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Are you interested in promoting vocations in your parish, but don't know where to turn?


Here is your invitation to become a member of The Serra Club. Serra clubs are known worldwide for their efforts to foster and affirm Catholic vocations to the ministerial priesthood and vowed religious life. Serrans value not only their work, but also the sense of community they receive from knowing that they are not alone in their dedication to the men and women who have dedicated their life in ministry and service to our Church.

With more than 700 clubs in 40 countries, the Serrans are likely to be just next door. Serra clubs meet twice a month. In addition, each club schedules vocation awareness and affirmation activities throughout the year.

Serra clubs are very instrumental and dedicated to the formation and support of Parish Vocation Committees, contact your local parish office for more information for your parish vocation committee.

Each Serra club is part of a vast network of clubs, district, regions and national councils that comprise Serra International the " Lay vocation arm of the Catholic Church." There are many benefits to membership within a Serra club.


Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth and enrichment through the deepening of your faith and increasing knowledge of the church's teachings.



Study of current events happening in the public square in light of our Christian principles.



Association with priests, religious and Catholic men and women who are faith filled, dedicated and generous - all sharing the ideals of the church and Serra and working toward a common goal.

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